GIVING BACK FOR GOOD donates SGD5 with every qualified PrEP order to Singapore's key HIV/AIDs prevention NGO, in recognition of their years of efforts in combating the virus and caring for those affected by it. Every time you make a decision to protect yourself with PrEP, you will also be playing your part in our continued efforts to end HIV in Singapore by 2030.


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Protect yourself from HIV* with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medication. Receive PrEP in Singapore or Bangkok. Note: Our required tests may differ from the video - which includes Liver & Kidney Function, Hep B and HIV.

In compliance with HSA Regulations which restricts public advertising of Pharmaceuticals, you are required to register for an account before you may access information on generic PrEP on our site. 

Just 3 steps to begin protecting with PrEP

  1. Register for an Account to Access the site

  2. Login to access details on purchasing PrEP

  3. Visit your preferred provider or ask us for recommended partner clinics after orders and payments are completed

  4. After test results/prescriptions are verified, we willl send your order to your home/office discretely, or your may collect in bangkok via a friend or yourself.


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For more details on PrEP, consult your doctor or go to Action For AIDs website or read this article. If you would like to find out more, email us at or add our line by clicking above on your mobile.