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Protect yourself from HIV* with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) medication. Receive PrEP in South Korea or Bangkok, for as low as ₩56,300 per month. This is substantial savings with average prices from ₩410,000-740,000 in South Korea.

PrEP Korea works with clinic partners, hospitals and the Health Authorities across Asia to provide Koreans legitimate access to affordable PrEP medication options (e.g. TENO EM).

We are a service provider in Asia committed to legal compliance and customer care (including refund guarantees^). Additional client benefits include self-collection or proxy collections, arranging for discrete sexual health consultations by certified doctors and complimentary HIV tests for existing clients.+

Video provided with permission and courtesy of Centers for Disease and Prevention (USA)

Note: Our required tests may differ from the video - which includes Liver & Kidney Function, Hep B and HIV.

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Just 3 steps to begin protecting with PrEP

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  2. Login to access details on purchasing PrEP 

  3. Ask us for recommended partner clinics

  4. After test results/prescriptions are verified, we willl send your order to your home/office discretely, or your may collect in bangkok via a friend or yourself.

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PrEP is great, but not a cure-all pill that comes with risks and does not offer 100% protection. Use it only after proper diagnosis and consultation from your sexual health doctor. NEVER use PrEP without diagnosis and consultation, it could be detrimental to your health when used incorrectly and if you are unaware of your HIV status.

For more details on PrEP, read this article here or consult your doctor for details.

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* Effective prevention up to 92% if HIV PrEP medication is detectable in the bloodstream
+ Contact us for details of client benefits or services
^ For failed deliveries, less incidentals and service charge