Hi there, we are happy to help and will respond to you within 24 hours during working hours on workdays. Kindly note we are off on Public Holidays, especially in Thailand.
We will be happy to share clinic consultations (including online) for PrEP after order and payment.

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Get your STD concerns answered online with  without the awkward queue or telling the reception what you are seeing the doctor for and without any local records.

Our service is discreet, safe and easy to book from anywhere in the world. With no local medical records, our low-cost packages and optional anonymous HIV blood test packages, you can take care of your sexual health with peace of mind.


Protect your privacy and save money.

Want to keep your medical details private ? You can now see a licenced doctor for confidential STD consultations online with our Sexual Health Teleconsulting service. No more awkward queues, no local medical records, and you can also opt for anonymous HIV blood test locally after seeing the doctor along with other STD or PrEP blood test packages and complimentary PrEP prescriptions - all with full peace of mind of privacy and savings


Consultation with a licenced Sexual Health doctor in Bangkok

Feeling like you're in the dark with all your STD's? Wanting to know what's going on and get advice without being judged by a nurse, doctor or receptionist? With our Sexual Health Teleconsulting, enjoy peace of mind and full privacy with easy access from anywhere plus a chance to ask for PrEP Prescriptions if eligible.


Convenient and confidential STD consultations online without the queue

Nobody needs to know about your good times (or bad times) and you can do it in style anywhere you like without the queues or prying eyes,. We'll keep it just between us (and the doctor in Bangkok)