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This service is provided by  Vensure Medical Enterprise Co., Ltd (Thailand) , herein known as “Vensure”. By using this service you are confirming that you understand and agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions apply to your access to the Vensure website ("prepsingapore.com”, “prepkorea.com”, “prepvietnam.com”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing and/or ordering any medicine from our Website. If you access the Website, and/or place an order for medicine, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Regulation

Vensure is audited by relevant Singapore and Thailand regulators. Vensure offers information for sexual health medication but are not intended to be qualified medical advice which you should always seek a certified doctor to do so.We partner with qualified doctors throughout Asia, licenced to practice in their own countries, and provide medication that complies with GMP guidelines.

2. Security & Privacy

Your privacy is imperative to us and the following information explains what measures we take to protect it.

1.     Vensure uses security technology, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers to protect information submitted through this website.

2.     We do not have full access to your financial information which is securely transferred directly to our card processing agents, who securely process it on our instructions.

3.     During your visit to our site we may gather certain personal information that is necessary to set up your account, for the purposes of billing, delivery of your medicine and queries. We only keep your information for as long as is necessary to process your order, process any applicable refunds, and respond to any complaints/feedback or to provide you with promotional information you have subscribed to.

4.     Electronic transmissions are never completely private or secure therefore we encourage customers to ensure that any computer (tablet or smart phone) you use to access your online patient record is suitably protected from potential interception.

5.     Vensure complies with the Data Protection Privacy Act in Singapore for all clients. We will use the information you provide with other information we obtain about you to administer and provide the goods and/or services you request. We will not share your personal information with any organisation other than those directly involved in delivering these services, namely the dispensing pharmacy and the courier service. This service does not take responsibility to inform your doctors or medical providers the medication prescribed as per prescription. For audits purpose, we report numbers to government and working committees where your identity is not identifiable


3. Commitment Agreement

Our Commitment to you

Patient's Commitment to Vensure

Professional responsibility

Provide accurate information

provide a professional and transparent service, but not equivalent to medical advice

Confirm you are aged 18 or over and have consulted your doctor on all prescribed medication usage

Prescribe in the best interest of the patient and necessary checks with your GP On your health

Comply with instructions and provide  necessary documents to support your purchase from licenced practictioners in your receiving country

Take all reasonable steps to protect patients' personal information

Notifying your GP is your responsibility

Safe and Secure patient experience

Notify our doctors of any side-effects

Refunds in the event of non-delivery and doctor verified rejection of prescription. Partial refunds will be considered on a case by case basis, excluding 10% handling fee.

Commitment to purchase upon order and payment except where medically unqualified after diagnosis and consultation with registered doctors.


4. Information and Advice

The information and advice provided by Vensure when you use the service is based on the information you have supplied to us. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is accurate and you accept that failure to do so (whether intentionally or not) will affect the information and advice we give to you and the medicines we supply to you and, as such, may have consequences for which we are not responsible.



5. Pricing

All prices on this website are in the shown currency and include VAT unless expressly stated otherwise. We take care to ensure that all pricing information on our website is accurate but occasionally there may be an error. In the event that an error has occurred and the price charged is too high, we will identify all those that have overpaid and refund the difference.

HitPay PayNow promotion from 13 Oct 2021 - 31 Dec 2021 of 1.5% Cashback is capped at SGD5 and applies to orders above 250SGD at time of payment via HitPay PayNow QR CODE option only. The offer will offset your order's shipping and service fees

Cashback is immediate and will be shown on your PayNow transactions with your bank after successful payments Any cash refunds due to reduced orders requirements or order cancellations will be less corresponding 1.5% Cashback received.in addition to 10% cash refund fees/credit retained. 1.5% cashback may not be used for future credits/vouchers..

6. Completed Orders

When you place an order for medicines or take up a service that involves the prescribing of medicines this will require us to perform an assessment of your clinical suitability for the medicines before the medicines can be approved for supply. You agree to us commencing this service and an assessment of your clinical suitability when you place the order and once the prescription has been issued or provided. Should there be cancellations or refunds,  you will be liable for the prescription fee but refunded the cost of the medicine and delivery costs. All refunds if any will retain a 10% fee with exception of those scenarios listed in this terms of use.clause 13.

7. Concluding a binding contract

When we receive an order from you to purchase goods or services from us, we will confirm that we have received the order by sending a confirmation email to the contact email address that you supplied. Professional codes of conduct and legal restrictions may limit the number and frequency of any item we are permitted to supply to you and, as such, we have no obligation to supply quantities exceeding the relevant permitted maximum and will charge only for those we do supply. We reserve the right to reject any order.

8. Payment

In providing payment card details, you confirm that you are authorised to use the card and authorise us, or our payment service provider, to take payment in full for the items in your order and any associated postage and packaging fees and any other charges that become due to us under these terms and conditions /

9. Authorisation of orders for medicines

Our doctors can only make a decision as to whether it is in the best interests of the patient to receive a medicine when the doctor has all relevant information. On occasion, this may require the doctor to ask the patient for additional information further to the information that was provided in response to documents supplied. Prescriptions are valid only when order dates fall within stated expiry/fill-before date by your doctor.  Where prescription expiry or fill-before date are unavailable, our standard guidelines are between 1-3 months of prescription issuance from order date, and may require doctor re-approval at our discretion.

Where the order date is more than 3 months of prescription, regardless of prescription expiry dates/fill-before dates, we will seek doctor re-authorisation as our internal compliance requirements.

For partially filled order of a prescription, the remainder of the order may be filled within the prescription validity date or the number of months you are qualified for in your prescription from the date of your order.

10. Postage Costs

Postage and packaging is charged on all orders , inclusive of handling fees and refund insurance. Our insurance policy is to provide full refund to a qualified patient for medication ordered with supporting document if they fail to receive their medication. If the medication is received in part, the patient may request for a refund of the difference of the product, excluding postage , handling and insurance fees. We may arrange to send outstanding items at no cost.

Due to customs requirements across countries, all parcels will be sent in maximum of 3 bottles per delivery. Additional delivery/handling/insurance fees apply for every additional 3 bottles thereafter.

Only express handling has mobile number services or contacts made by the local postal authorities, standard delivery and Bangkok collection do not offer contacting recipient in all situations, including failure to deliver due to wrong information or not being present during collection.

Where failed deliveries are returned and verified by us, additional delivery, handling and insurance fees apply for resending your medication. We will bear costs of re-deliveries if information provided to postal services are different from your supplied purchase details, otherwise your delivery information is taken as final and we are not liable to verify the accuracy or completeness of your shipping details.

All other forms of compensations or make-good in late deliveries, wrong deliveries or failed deliveries for qualified clients are decided by the Management of Vensure and there is no obligation to provide compensation or make-good other than those stated above.

11. Delivery of orders

Our partner pharmacy or logistics provider will dispense all medicines. Medicines will be dispatched normally within 3-7 working days of the doctor authorising prescription and payment or after your prescription is verified. All medicines for delivery by post are sent out using National Postal Agencies and our guarantee is on the number of days taken to receive your purchase (no less than 1 bottle) based on shipping option We do not provide guarantees or information on date of shipping, days or dates of processing, tracking number,  location or article updates as well as provide specific delivery date or contact requirements during shipping and delivery. Any information provided outside our guarantees will be on a goodwill basis and shall not be used in claims or complaints against Vensure for non provision or inaccuracies. In the event of shipment arriving beyond stipulated timeframe, a refund will be provided based on clause 13.

Standard shipping are non-contact shipping policy which means no contact will be made during delivery and the courier will attempt to fit your item into the letterbox. Should the parcel fail to fit your letterbox, a delivery slip will be placed recommending you contact post office for self collection or re-arrange delivery. Note that it is not possible to request for call-on-arrival, specific package drop-off areas or timings/date of delivery.

Priority shipping requires personal sign-off and in-person delivery, or delivered to a proxy at the same address at the time of delivery. Should no one be at home, a delivery slip will be left on the letterbox/door step of address to arrange re-delivery or self-collection. The courier may send SMS/call before delivery or after a failed delivery.  Note that it is not possible to request for specific package drop-off areas or timings/date of delivery.

All recipients must be prescription holders and no use of other names is allowed.

12. Self-Proxy Collection

You or your friend may collect in Bangkok the items ordered with documentation support. We will arrange delivery to your hotel where possible or self-collection details after confirmation of collection date and order completion/documentation. Additional fees may apply and verification of proxy collectors identity is required.

We are unable to provide conveyance guarantees or insurance when carrying the medication across countries on your own or thru a proxy. You should have your prescription on hand to show any authorities, and for proxy-collection, it is also subject to local regulation when crossing borders but it is usually fine to carry 3 bottles across borders for personal use, with most countries.


12. Returns Policy

Issued medication are non-refundableVensure reserves the right to decline a refund in such instances.In the event of an order of wrongly delivered item (ie brand), we will bear the cost of return and re-delivery.

13. Refunds Policy

Your refund will automatically be processed within 5-15 working days  on your payment card with 10% processing fee withheld if there is no doctor certified non-qualification of medication after diagnosis. For non-qualified patients, refunds will be 100%.

For express items arriving later than guaranteed time frame - the express shipping difference from standard shipping costs will be refunded. If an express or standard shipping arrives beyond 30 days, the full shipping cost + handling fees will be refunded. Time frame for refund consideration is calculated from the day all payments and required documents qualified to allow the medication to be dispensed is provided. 

We will provide 100% refund for items that fail to reach you within 90 days of qualified order/payment/documents supplied. In doing so, we reserve the right to not deliver the item as well.

14. Complaints Procedure

Vensure aims to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, but we realise there maybe instances where this is not the case. We operate a continuous improvement policy in customer care and try our best to get things right first time. If you are unhappy with anything please contact us at service@prepsingapore.com..

We will endeavour to respond to you within 72 Business hours.


15. Signed for deliveries

It is your responsibility to ensure that someone is available to sign for any medicines that are delivered at your chosen delivery address or to collect the medicine from your national postal agency. The person signing for medicines does not need to be the named patient.in proxy declarations. You acknowledge and accept that we have no control over the postal system and we have no liability in respect of items that are not received by you after we have dispatched them. It is your responsibility to ensure that the person signing for the medicines delivers them to you.

16. Notification of errors

You should check the content of each delivery promptly upon receipt. If you believe that items have been sent to you in error you should contact us within 14 days of receipt.

17. Information on this website

We take care to ensure that all information available on our website about our business, services and any products mentioned is accurate. However, some things may develop or chance leading to the information being out of date occasionally. General medical information provided on the website is not a substitute for specific and personalised medical advice and should not be read or used as such. Links to other websites: Vensure provides links from this website to websites that are owned and controlled by third parties such as health resources. These links are provided only for your convenience and we have no control over and will have no liability in respect of those websites.

18. Third party rights

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to, nor shall it grant a benefit on any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 and a person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions has no rights to enforce them.

19. Our right to vary T&Cs

We reserve the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions that are in force at the time that you order goods from us unless:

1.     Any change to these terms and conditions is required to be made by law or governmental authority, in which case the changes may apply to orders previously placed by you; or

2.     We notify you of any changes to these terms and conditions before we accept your order, in which case we have the right to assume that you have accepted the change to the terms and conditions.