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PrEP is still needed in Singapore even with Face Masks for HIV

Whilst the world moves to a new norm and vaccines plus medication continue to be developed rapidly for COVID-19, some things haven't changed.  There are no face masks for HIV.

Along with easing of lock-downs and social distancing measures, coupled with our yearning for human interactions and sexual activity, it is timely for us to remind ourselves that COVID-19 isn't the only virus to care about --- and that there are only PrEP and condoms and no vaccines, nor face masks, for HIV.

We live in a blessed era where PrEP gives us the ability to protect ourselves from HIV* and condoms gives us addition protection from other STD. For the first time in Singapore since PrepSingapore.com was launched for a year, HIV infection rates in Singapore fell sharply by nearly 28% in 2018 to 2019.


Even with the fantastic results, PrEP Adoption remains low in Singapore. 

Despite our PrEP generics from Thailand Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (Teno-Em) are only one-fifth the price of the more costly Truvada, due to it's patent worldwide.  

As a social enterprise, we have not raised our prices for the past 3 years even with rising currency and operational costs. Although it is our commitment to remain compliant with legal requirements, we do not have resources of patent owners (such as Gilead Sciences) who have  tried to threaten us with cease and desist orders, including removing our web domain and pressuring authorities to clamp us down through legal means.

Due to our compliance and legal operations, those threats have been overcome thus far, but their clout and financial backing to push Governments to shut social enterprises like us are constantly on the horizon.

Whilst the threat remains real,  we will continue to serve you until such an unfateful day,  to keep our fellow Singaporeans safe from HIV just as how we have brought the service to help thousands of Taiwanese gain access to PrEP and see significant reduction infection rates just as Singapore with our operations.

From all of us at PrEPSingapore.Com, stay protected and Stay Safe!